Monday, October 17, 2011

Part I, XIII

  In the engine room the noise was nearly unbearable.  The metal seemed to echo the sound of Gazook’s snores and amplify them a hundred times.
  “Gazook!” I shouted, stepping out of the elevator.  Gazook was sprawled out in his chair, dead to the world.  The rest of the engineer crew had noise-canceling headphones on and were either nodding their heads to music or watching a movie on handheld devices.  “Hey!” I shouted beneath the noise.  Twitchy put her fingers in her mouth and made the loudest whistle I had ever heard.  Everyone looked up.  They tried to hide their devices, but didn’t take the headphones off.  I couldn’t blame them.  “Who’s watching the engines!?” I shouted.  They all pointed to a man without headphones on, hunched over an instrument panel.  “Why him?” I asked.  They all pulled a straw out of their pocket.  I smiled.  “Ok, fair enough,” I decided.  I looked behind me.  Rimana was laughing and Twitchy looked sorry for the man who had drawn the short straw.
  We went back to the elevator.

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