Monday, October 24, 2011

Part I, XIV

  “No, no, no, you don’t take enough risks!” Batnter told Twitchy.  “That’s what this game is all about; taking risks.”
  “That’s why Rimana always wins,” I added under my breath.  She glared at me.
  “We know when you bet big you have a good hand, because you don’t bluff,” Carter said.
  “I’m sorry,” Twitchy muttered.
  “Look, this hand, you have to bluff,” Batnter ordered.  He dealt the cards.  “Make us believe you have four aces in your hand.”
  She looked at her cards.  “I’ll take one,” she decided.
  “Fold,” I said.
  “Two,” Carter decided.  Rimana grinned.
  “Dealer takes one,” Batnter said.  I sat back as they placed their bets.
  Twitchy tried her best, but she was just so nervous.  But she didn’t give up.  She kept betting until Rimana was the only one left.
  “Call.”  Rimana put her cards on the table.  Two queens and two jacks.  Twitchy looked around nervously and put her cards on the table as well.
  Four aces.  I groaned along with Rimana, Carter and Batnter.
  “I give up,” Rimana said.  “Are we there yet?”  Batnter went to his station.
  “Another half hour,” he reported.
  “We should pack this up and get ready,” I decided.  Carter folded the table and put it in the corner.  “Any idea how we’re going to get these moose to move?” I asked after a moment.
  “This ship is equipped with giant tranquilizer guns and the best tractor beams you’ve ever seen,” Rimana said.  “We also have very weak guns and something called ‘prodding sticks’.”
  “Ooh what are they?” Batnter asked, smiling.
  “Not a clue,” she answered.  “Captain, may I try them?”
  “Why not,” I answered.  She hit a few buttons.  She frowned and hit a few more buttons.
  “It won’t let me unless we’re moving in the MPH range,” she said.
  “Aww,” Batnter said.
  “Well, in half an hour we’ll find out,” I said.

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