There are a few different types of ships mentioned in these stories.  I'm no good at telling dimentions, but usually I'll say if something is a warship or a merchant ship if it comes up.  I'll write a list of individual ships and ship types eventually.  Until then, there is only one thing I may need to clarify.
  Zuar ships are small ships, designed so that one to four people may crew it, and up to six people may stay on them comfortably for any period of time.  They aren't designed with many weapons, but that's easy to fix.  Every merchant ship has at least one of them on board, and every warship has at least two.  They're fast, since they're small, but they aren't practical for long journeys or fighting.  They were originally designed as a sort of yacht, for rich people to have a private ship, and still, to a digree, are, but the governments have made thousands of them for common use on regular ships. They are very popular with pirates.