History Lesson II

  In this year of 5213 there are two main governments.  They regularly argue and fight with each other, as governments do.  About two centuries ago, after a particularly bloody war that lasted through two holiday seasons, they decided to permanently separate from each other.  Unfortunately, there is only so much space in the galaxy, and they occupied all of it.  So the two governments created what they called a “borderline area”.  It was a certain area of space that cut through the exact middle of the galaxy.  Half of the galaxy officially belonged to the Herol government, and half officially belonged to the Bayshed government.
  The Borderline Area has twelve planets in it.  On these planets the citizens do not belong to either government.  When each person becomes eighteen they decided which government they will associate themselves with, but they may change it at any point in their lives.  This makes them excellent spies, which in turn makes the two governments slightly suspicious of them.  The citizens of the Borderline also are the only ones that can pass freely and easily through the two borders.  This makes them excellent merchants, which in turn makes all other merchants prejudice of them.
  In Bayshed territory there are sixty-three inhabited planets.  The Bayshed government is a strong one, with a grand navy.  It is a democracy, and has all the problems of any democracy multiplied by sixty-two.  There is one planet in their territory, Trepidusk, that is a monarchy.  Trepidusk hasn’t personally been involved in any war since the really big war mentioned above.
  The Herol government has under its control seventy-two inhabitable planets.  However, only sixty-nine actually have humans on them.  This is because the Bayshed government threw a tantrum when they found out that Herol had ten more inhabitable planets than they did.  The fact that no human would willingly live on two of those planets meant nothing to them.  The Herol government is theoretically a democracy, but there are two men that really rule.  The people would complain, but there hasn’t been a skirmish between planets ever since they took over.  Whenever the subject is brought up in a  negative way, the two men always point at the Bayshed and laugh.  This strategy is very effective.