History Lesson I

  In the course of the story, at times things will be said that need further explanation.  Here I will attempt to clarify some things.

  The year is 5213.  Or at least it was when this document was written.  Time passes, you know, so right now the year might not– oh never mind.
  Anyways, in this time there currently exist ninety-six languages.  Most of the one hundred and forty-four inhabited planets have a sub-language that is spoken, but all planets (except two) speak English.  The second most spoken language (due to the two weird planets) is Kichwa.
  Many decades ago, on a planet imaginatively named Earth, all humans lived together.  This was all well and good, until humans started changing.  Shape-shifters had always existed, along with telepaths, but then people started doing other things.  Humans started turning invisible and seeing through walls.  About that time humans also started discovering other inhabitable planets.  The many governments that then existed decided to separate all the humans with different “abilities” to different planets.  Each time something new came up all humans with that ability were assigned a planet and shipped off to it.
  As the years passed Earth rid itself of most of it’s’ inhabitants.  All the “full humans”, as they called themselves, died off.  The planet became uninhabitable.  The location of the planet was eventually forgotten.  And humans, with new planets to inhabit, took over the galaxy.
  One last note; the shape-shifters, due to their quantity, were given two planets.  They, not always having human vocal chords, refused to have English on their planets and decided on a much easier language for them to speak.  Kichwa.