Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Part I, VIII

  Two hours later I had decided that my brother would probably kill to get those two men on his ship.  Or at least their designs.  The things they had come up with were amazing.
  Of course, that was if the things actually worked.  If they didn’t…  If they didn’t my brother would probably want them anyway.  The people on his ship would be able to pinpoint any problems and make it work by the next morning.
  “Have you actually made these things?” I asked, looking at the notebooks full of designs.
  “Some of them, on a small scale,” Batnter answered.  “They never allowed us to try anything after the fire.”
  “But the fire worked,” Rimana said.  “You made a fire that could not be put out.  That was what you wanted to do, right?”
  “They should have awarded you,” she decided, leaning back in her chair.
  “Thank you,” Carter said, smiling.
  “May I borrow your notebooks?” Rimana asked, her eyes glowing.
  “I’d like to take a closer look at them later on,” she told them.
  “I… guess so,” Batnter said carefully.
  “But why?” I asked her.
  “Educational purposes.”
  None of us believed her for a moment.

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