Saturday, July 23, 2011

Part I, IIX

  That night Ariyah Rimana looked through the notebooks, analyzing everything.  Most of the designs would take too much effort and money to create; and of course there was the chance that they wouldn’t work.
  The laser looked like it would work.  The principle was sound, and it wouldn’t be unreasonably expensive.  And, as silly as it seemed, the thing that sent out an immense wave of sound would probably be useful.  What had originally caught her attention, though, was what they had named “The Shieldexer”.  Basically, it destroyed shields.  There were two designs, one for a handgun and one for a ship.
  Ariyah took the notebooks to her computer and made a copy of the four designs.  She saved them to her personal files and began typing a letter.
  Hello again.  The captain of this ship is Jeremy Velose’s sister, you were right.  The communication officer is a telepath, but I’m not worried about that.  She isn’t very threatening.
  I found the men responsible for that fire on Lemarac a few years back.  They’re the ones that drew the pictures included.  I want one of the guns for my birthday, in case you weren’t sure what to get me.  Providing it works, of course.
  There is a space sheep in the crew.  It thinks in English.  I wasn’t able to start a conversation today, but soon I will.  And yes, it is in the crew.
  I miss you.
  She attached the designs to the letter and sent it.

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